QBARS - v27n2 New Editor

New Editor
R. L. Ticknor, ARS President

Our present Editor, Mr. Reuben Hatch, has found it necessary to resign the post for personal reasons.
We are fortunate in finding a well qualified new Editor. Molly Grothaus has been a part-time staff writer for the Oregon Journal, one of the two daily newspapers in Portland, Ore., for the past eight years. She has also served on the Publications Committee of the American Rhododendron Society for ten years, and was in charge of the publicity for the 1961 International Rhododendron Conference.
Molly's husband, Louis Grothaus, has been chairman for a number of years of the Crystal Springs Island Rhododendron Garden of the Portland Chapter (formerly the National Test Garden).
Molly is a past president of the Native Plant Society of Oregon and is president of the newly organized Columbia-Willamette Chapter of the American Rock Garden Society. The Grothaus' garden has many unusual plants, rock garden plants and bulbs; and Oregon natives as well as a good collection of rhododendrons.
In 1971 the Grothauses toured gardens in England and Scotland. They are returning to England this spring to see other rhododendron gardens and attend the Royal Horticultural Society Rhododendron Show.