QBARS - v28n1 Rhododendron Breeder's Roundtable

Rhododendron Breeder's Roundtable
SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1974

Dr. August Kehr, Potomac Chapter

A second meeting of the Rhododendron Breeder's Roundtable will be convened on Sunday, May 12. Topics to be discussed will include practical suggestions for rhododendron and azalea breeders; collecting, storing, and shipping pollen; collecting, cleaning, and packaging seed; speeding up growth and flowering; and growing healthy seedlings and plants. Of a more technical nature will be discussions and demonstrations of counting chromosomes; para-sexual hybridization, and tissue culture techniques; and inheritance of flower color pigments in azaleas and rhododendrons. These discussions will give rhododendron breeders an excellent background of useful information.  All persons interested in breeding azaleas and rhododendrons are invited to participate in this informal meeting.