QBARS - v28n1 Report on Committee Appointments

Report on Committee Appointments
Alfred S. Martin, ARS President

We are delighted to be finally able to give a complete report on committee appointments for the period ending June 30, 1974. 1 am sure that all of these committees will make significant and viable contributions to the Society. Their end effectiveness in large part will depend on the cooperation of all members. Please do not hesitate to call on them for assistance and by the same tone, grant them all assistance possible. As a Society, we need all the help we can get to achieve the ultimate goal of best serving the needs of our membership.

Annual Meetings Honors
John P. Evans, M.D., California, Chairman Ted Van Veen, Portland, Chairman
Dennis Stewart, New York Warren Berg, Tacoma
Ratings Edward B. Dunn, Seattle
George W. Clarke, Portland, Chmn. Harry Nash, Middle Atlantic
Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Portland Registrar
Ted VanVeen, Portland

Edwin K. Parker, Portland

C. H. Ward, Portland Twenty-five Year Index
Lewis Bagoly, Valley Forge Mrs. Hugh Baird, Seattle, Chmn.
Joseph J. Becales, Philadelphia Seed Exchange
Henry A. Schannen, Valley Forge Esther Berry, Grays Harbor
Awards Slide Library
E. C. Brockenbrough, M.D., Seattle, Chairman Howard Short, North Kitsap
Dorothy Schlaikjer, New York Nominating Committee
Editorial Board Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, Portland Chairman
Jock Brydon, Portland, Chairman. Dr. Donald S. Kellam, Piedmont
Fred C. Galle, Middle Atlantic Fred C. Knapp, New York
Dr. H. A. S. Hoitink, Great Lakes Robert J. Landregan, Portland
Fred E. Knapp, New York Long Range Planning
A. Hadley Osborn, California R. Curt Huey, Eugene, Chairman
Publications Fred C. Knapp, New York
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor, Portland, Chairman Research
Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Portland Dr. August Kehr, Potomac Valley
Molly Grothaus, Portland National Chairman
Esther Berry, Grays Harbor Eastern Members
Shows and Judging Dr. Henry T. Skinner, Middle Atlantic
Betty Hager, New York, Chairman Dr. A. L. Gustav Mehlquist, Connecticut
Tom Koenig, New Jersey Gordon E. Jones, New York
Frank Doleshy, Seattle, Western Chairman Central Area
Native American Species

Dr. David G. Leach, Great Lakes, Chairman

Fred C. Galle, Middle Atlantic, Chmn Richard Bosley, Great Lakes
Britt Smith, Tacoma Dr. H. A. J. Hoitink, Great Lakes
Dr. Sigmond L. Solymosy, Southeastern Western Area
Dr. Frank Willingham, Southeastern

Dr. David Goheen, Portland Chairman

Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Portland
John Eichelser, Tacoma

Due to increasing widespread interest in the field, we also hope to appoint an evergreen azalea committee to keep a flow of information in the Quarterly Bulletin.