QBARS - v28n1 Nominating Committee Reports

Nominating Committee Report

The following is a list of the nominees from which four Directors will be elected in 1974. Those names receiving the highest number of votes will be elected for a term of three years. It has been observed in the past that position on the ballot has had a relationship to who gets elected. This years position has been determined by lot. When you receive your ballot, please vote promptly so that your vote can be tallied before the Annual Meeting.

HENRY A. SCHANNEN , Valley Forge Chapter. Director of chapter. Member National Ratings Committee. Author of membership questionnaire about long and short term programs for Society. Executive Vice President of a marketing research and consulting firm. Enthusiastic grower and hybridizer.

E. C. BROCKENBROUGH, M. D. , Seattle Chapter. Chapter President. Chairman of National Awards Committee. Physician. Enthusiastic grower and hybridizer.

NEWTON EDWARDS , Potomac Valley Chapter. Past Chapter President. Lawyer. Collector and tester of rhododendrons. Owner of a rhododendron nursery.

GEORGE W. CLARKE , Portland Chapter. Incumbent. Past Chapter President. Chairman of National Ratings Committee. Nurseryman, collector and hybridizer of rhododendrons.

DAVID G. FLUHARTY, M.D. , Tidewater Chapter. Incumbent. Past Chapter President and active in national affairs. Physician. Collector and hybridizer. Owner of a rhododendron and azalea nursery.

MRS ESTHER BERRY , Grays Harbor Chapter. Past Chapter President. Former National Board Member. Founder and operator of the Society's Seed Exchange. Enthusiastic grower.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Donald Kellum
Mr. Fred Knapp
Mr. Robert Landregan
Dr. Robert Ticknor, Chairman