QBARS - v28n1 Pictures Unrelated to Text: 'George Grace', 'Bibiani', 'John Coutts', R. aberconwayi and 'Odee Wright'


R. 'George Grace'
FIG.7. R. 'George Grace', rich pink
R. Henny hybrid, PA 1952
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. 'Bibiani'
FIG.8. R. 'Bibiani' bright scarlet flowers on
upright plant. Needs wind protection but is
easily grown.
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. 'John Coutts'
FIG.9. 'John Coutts' has smooth, vibrant
flowers which proclaim its R. griersonianum
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. aberconwayi
FIG.17 R. aberconwayi neat ball trusses of
flat white flowers with speckling; stiff
recurved foliage.
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. 'Odee Wright'
FIG.10. 'Odee Wright' received a P.A. in 1966. It is golden with maroon
spots and takes sun better than many yellows.
Photo by Cecil Smith