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Pictures Unrelated To Text

Men who helped launch the ARS
FIG. 29. Men who helped launch the ARS and who
guided its early years are pictured hers during
preparations for the 1961 International Rhodo-
dendron Conference held in Portland. From left to
right are John Henny, first ARS president; Ted
Hansen, Howard Slonecker and Cecil Smith, who all
served many years on the National Board of Directors;
Rudolph Henny, first editor of the Bulletin, and Bob
Bovee, nurseryman and long-time member of the
National Board.
Photo by Don Patrick
R. fargesii 'Barto's Rose'
FIG. 39. R. fargesii 'Barto's Rose' deep
color form with purple spots in upper half
of flower.
Photo by C. H. Phetteplace
Crystal Springs Island Rhododendron Garden
FIG. 38. Portland Chapter Show and tour of Crystal
Springs Island Rhododendron Garden are part of
Saturday afternoon activities planned for Annual
Meeting. Spring-fed lake surrounding the garden
modifies temperature extremes to provide ideal
conditions for rhododendrons.
Photo by Cecil Smith