QBARS - v28n2 Natural Interrelationship

Natural Interrelationship
B. C. Porter, Port Ewen, N. Y.

Recent developments have led me to think that the species R. degronianum , R. metternichii and R. yakushimanum may be direct descendants from a natural cross between R. makinoi and R. chrysanthum . This thinking is based in part, on an interspecies cross between R. makinoi and R. chrysanthum, both being grown from seed collected in the wild. This cross produced seedlings that looked so much like R. metternichii , that if one were to spot a true R. metternichii seedling of the same age among them, it is doubtful that it would be noticed. It would seem probable that if these seedlings were placed in a suitable geographic location, having an environment conducive to naturalization, and given the time needed for speciation, the end result could conceivably be like one of the forms of R. metternichii . Now, one would not have to stretch his imagination very far, to visualize the same method, being able to create a R. degronianum and R. yakushimanum , with a possible assist of a little extra pollen from R. makinoi .