QBARS - v28n2 Rhodoquiz

Reprinted from the California Chapter Newsletter

1. The Malesian rhododendrons have unique seeds adapted to distribution by air currents. T or F
2. Rhododendrons grown from cuttings from the same plants will always have the same color no matter where grown. T or F
3. Leaves from trees growing on alkaline soil are perfectly all right for mulching rhododendrons. T or F
4. The addition of sand and humus to adobe soil is sufficient for the growth of rhododendrons. T or F
5. Hose-in-hose flowers are produced by conversion of the calyx to a colored duplicate of the corolla. T or F


1. T - Long, tapering tails on the seed allow them to float through the air.
2. F - The climate and soil markedly affect color and growth.
3. F- Plants grown in raised beds of acid soil will become chlorotic from the fall of leaves from trees growing in limey soil.
4. F
5. T