QBARS - v28n2 1973 Bronze Medal Awards, Tacoma Chapter

1973 Bronze Medal Awards - Tacoma Chapter
E. White Smith, Jr., Tacoma Chapter President

The Tacoma Chapter American Rhododendron Society proudly presented the ARS Bronze Medal to two of our members in 1973.
One went to John Mund, who served as Chapter Garden Chairman for many years. John spent a great amount of time working in the Rhododendron Garden at Point Defiance Park during the reconstruction stage when the plants were being moved from the Park Zoo area to the new woodland setting on the Five Mile Drive. John never hesitated to use a shovel or get clown in the mud. John's good habit of showing up at least one day each week was a strong incentive for the park people to keep at the job until it was finished. A great number of large plants were moved or otherwise acquired for the garden.
The second medal was presented to Howard Harmon. Howard (now retired) was for many years employed by the Tacoma Park Department as the Horticultural Supervisor. He is a great lover of plants and worked hard for anyone who had a worthwhile gardening project. Howard has been a Chapter Member for many years but his real value to us was to encourage development of our Chapter Garden into what is now a growing asset to Tacoma and the rhododendron community.
The total sum of the countless hours of dedication and devotion to the Garden of these two men is truly immeasurable.