QBARS - v28n2 Invitation to Every ARS Member

An Invitation To Every ARS Member
Ted Van Veen, Portland, Oregon

It all started 30 years ago in Portland on the day of the great invasion of Europe by the Allied Forces, June 6, 1941. Seven rhododendron enthusiasts met to form "The Rhododendron Society". About 35 people attended the first public meeting in September, but interest spread rapidly, and the roster lists 156 Charter Members from all parts of the country. Special honor will be given to those Charter Members able to attend our Thirtieth Anniversary Conference in Portland May 9-12.
It seems to me we have not taken the time to assess the accomplishments of our Society from the time of that dream of seven men to the present. The purpose for which these men founded our Society, "to promote and develop the growing of Rhododendrons throughout the United States", is being fulfilled.
This is a personal invitation to you to come to Portland, the home of our founders, meet the Charter Members fortunate enough to be with us still, review our accomplishments, and plan our future.
In addition, there are more reasons why you should not miss this memorable Conference:

  1. The Portland area is ideally suited for most rhododendrons to flourish. It is the center of rhododendrons in all of America, and possibly the world.
  2. Here is the home of the first major garden devoted especially to rhododendrons. You will thrill to the magnificence at the height of our blooming season.
  3. Enjoy the largest Rhododendron Show in America sponsored by the Portland Chapter in the setting of our Rhododendron Garden.
  4. See the beautiful homes in Portland. so renowned as the "City of Roses", but now so much more fully enveloped in rhododendrons and azaleas.
  5. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the many new varieties and species forms you probably have not seen.
  6. Hear and view firsthand what the Species Foundation is accomplishing for you.
  7. Listen to and get to know better the knowledgeable speakers on the program.
  8. Associate with recognized authorities from all parts of the globe.
  9. Share your knowledge with fellow rhododendron lovers.
  10. Hear what rhododendron research has accomplished and will do for you in the future.
  11. Enrich your soul by attending this rhododendron weekend retreat.
  12. This conference is designed for every member to fully enjoy, and to increase his knowledge and love of the genus.

Do come, we would love to have you!