QBARS - v28n3 ARS Gold Medal Awards and Citations, 1974

The American Rhododendron Society Gold Medal Awards and Citations – 1974

Caperci Gold Medal Recipent
FIG.41. A.R.S. President Alfred Martin
presenting citation and Gold Medal to
James F. Caperci at annual meeting in
Ackroyd Photo

Seattle, Washington

For over two decades you have faithfully served The American Rhododendron Society and the Seattle Chapter with remarkable dedication in a wide range of capacities. You were among the earliest members of your Chapter, and your record of attendance and participation at our meetings has become legendary.
You have unselfishly given of your time as a member of the National Board as a frequent speaker at Chapter meetings across the nation and as a show judge on innumerable occasions these often requiring extensive travel.
As a knowledgeable plant collector, successful hybridizer, and skillful grower, you have enriched the gardens of America and the world, and introduced a new awareness in the value of dwarf and alpine Rhododendrons.
For your willingness to distribute choice plants frequently from your private collection and at personal financial sacrifice we will be forever grateful. Your generosity extends to contributions of plant material to many charitable organizations in their various fund raising activities.
For the years of faithful service to our Society, and the knowledge and appreciation of the Genus Rhododendron you have instilled in the hearts of America, The American Rhododendron Society proudly presents its highest tribute to JAMES F. CAPERCI

Brydon Gold Medal Recipent
FIG. 42. P. H. (Jock) Brydon receives
his citation and Gold Medal from A.R.S.
President Martin.
Ackroyd Photo

TO P. H. BRYDON, Salem, Oregon

For your lifetime effort invested in the dissemination of knowledge of the Genus Rhododendron we are deeply grateful.  As a charter member, the first vice-president, and a major instrument in the construction of our Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, you invested enormous time and effort for the welfare of our Society.
For your work as editor of the Quarterly Bulletin, your countless written contributions and photographs to this same publication since the day of its inception; and your many lectures in which you have enlightened our members; we owe our gratitude.
You have given freely of your time in judging our shows in service on local and National Boards, and as Curator of the Rhododendron Species Foundation plant collection.
It is with full awareness there have been many other responsibilities you have undertaken and managed without fault. Your life interest in horticulture with particular emphasis on the Rhododendron family, has added substantially to the betterment of our individual gardens.
For these contributions, your pleasant demeanor, ready wit, and knowledge, The American Rhododendron Society proudly presents its highest tribute to P. H. BRYDON