QBARS - v28n4 1974 Bronze Medal Award, New York Chapter

1974 Bronze Medal Award, New York Chapter
Mrs. Frank Arsen, Lindenhurst, New York

Dorothy Schlaikjer bronze medal
FIG.64. Dorothy Schlaikjer, awarded the
Bronze medal by the New York Chapter,
receives her medal and congratulations
from Dennis Stewart, Chapter President.

Dorothy Schlaikjer was the recipient of the bronze medal award at the annual dinner meeting of the New York Chapter in June.
She joined the chapter in 1953, and has served in many capacities, with a spirit of eager willingness, enthusiasm, and a thoroughness, which other members were inspired to emulate.
The first cut truss show of the New York Chapter was held at the Schlaikjer home in 1954. She has given numerous slide programs featuring the beautiful Dexter hybrids in her garden. When the New York Chapter hosted the annual meeting in 1965, Dorothy Schlaikjer's services were invaluable. One of her many responsibilities was tour chairman. She arranged interesting garden tours, which, without doubt, were a highlight of the convention.
She has exhibited in the cut truss shows of the New York Chapter for the past 20 years. She served as a Director Program Chairman, Co-Chairman of Cut Truss Show, and a Vice President. Dorothy Schlaikjer was appointed to the National Awards Committee and since 1972 has been East Coast Awards Chairman, in which capacity she still serves.