QBARS - v28n4 Plant Breeding Handbook, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Plant Breeding Handbook

The new handbook of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, "Breeding Plants for Home & Garden" is devoted to the various aspects of hybridizing. The recent ARS Survey showed that 35 percent of the members returning their questionnaires are interested in hybridizing.
The handbook deals with the hybridizing techniques, problems and objectives for a number of plants of horticultural interest. Included is an article on "Breeding Rhododendrons and Azaleas" by August E. Kehr, eastern vice-president of the ARS.
This 76-page paperback, printed on book-quality stock, contains 40 illustrations and charts. Reference lists area helpful guide to further reading. Copies are available by mail for $1.50 from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, New York 11225.