QBARS - v29n1 Second Himalayan Trip Announced

Second Himalayan Trip Announced

Members of the first group from The American Rhododendron Society to visit Himalaya are preparing for a second journey. The trip is scheduled for November, 1975. November has been chosen because that is the season during which the atmosphere is the most clear and will give the opportunity to see vistas largely missed during the May trip in 1974. In addition to two weeks in the Himalayan Mountains, the group will spend two days in Copenhagen, three days in Tashkent, two days in Bangkok, three days in Hong Kong, and two days in Taipei. It is possible that air line schedules may require one night in Moscow and one night in Kabul. If this is the case, two nights will be spent in each of those two cities so there can be one day of tours in each.
For the non-trekkers there will be arrangements to spend the two weeks during which the others are trekking. Non-trekkers will visit New Delhi, Agra, Kathmandu, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Calcutta - possibly Gangtok in Sikkim, depending upon the political situation.
The total trip will encircle the world and current estimates of the prices total $2,500 each. If you are seriously interested, please write to Britt M. Smith, Kent, Washington.