QBARS - v29n1 Seattle Chapter Gives Bronze Medals

Seattle Chapter Gives Bronze Medal Citations
Marge Baird, Bellevue, Washington

Seattle Chapter Bronze Medals
FIG. 8. Lawrence Pierce, second from the left, presents
bronze Medals to three Seattle Chapter recipients,
far left, Frank Dolshy; second from right, James
Caperci; far right, Renee Hill. Two others honored,
Warren Berg and Arthur Dome, are not shown.

Following are the five members of the Seattle Chapter honored with Bronze Medals at the May banquet at the Holiday Inn in Bellevue:

WARREN BERG - A devoted worker in both the Seattle and Tacoma Chapters and their Study Groups: he has gone beyond his duties as a board member and has been a faithful member of the ARS board since 1970; he has generously shared with us his propagating procedures and their results.

JAMES CAPERCI - His illustrated lectures, both here and in the East, have made many friends for the genus Rhododendron for years he has promoted the species and their propagation among his fellow members and his customers; he has given away plants with one hand while handing out membership blanks with the other; his loyalty and generosity is especially noticeable at our shows and sales; since 1968 he has been a member of the ARS board and has also served on our Chapter board.

FRANK DOLESHY - The Early Season Competition, which he instigated, has done much to educate not only our own members, but the general public as well; the Study Group, of which he was one of the organizers, still leans heavily on his advice and leadership; his studies of the rhododendrons of Japan, and articles thereon in our Quarterly Bulletin, have greatly in creased our knowledge of the genus; his high degree of integrity and good common sense have brought him the admiration of all, including the ARS board, on which he has served since 1969.

ARTHUR DOME - He has served the Seattle Chapter in almost every capacity: several times Show Chairman, twice President; he has more than done justice to the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice-President; he has promoted the genus by giving illustrated lectures and turning over any remuneration to the Chapter; he has also done the inconspicuous jobs with a smile, wherever and whenever called upon.

RENEƈ (MRS. JOHN) HILL - She has given many devoted years as Secretary to the Study Group and for three years has been an untiring Secretary for the Chapter; she has made every effort to increase the efficiency of the Receiving and Classification department at both our yearly shows and has also worked hard on the show schedules; her willingness to help on any occasion has made her a valuable asset to our Chapter.