QBARS - v29n1 Eastern Hybridizers Symposium Planned

Eastern Hybridizers Symposium Planned
Richard Murcott, East Norwich, New York

The New York Chapter of the ARS will sponsor an Eastern Hybridizers Symposium on March 1, 1975 at Planting Fields Arboretum. Starting at 10 a.m. the symposium will feature speakers from all the Eastern Chapters. The emphasis will be on specific crosses that have been successful and specific crosses that have been failures. Having the meeting so early in the spring will enable everyone to intelligently plan crosses long before the plants bloom. The whole idea of the symposium is the sharing of information gained from experience and learning what specific interests hybridizers have so contacts can be made on a more personal basis.  After the lunch break, there will be ample time for members in the audience to ask questions of the speakers and make short presentations of their own. The symposium will end about 4 p.m.  March 1st is also the opening day of Flora '75, the Flower Show at the Nassau County Coliseum. The rest of the afternoon and evening could be spent there viewing splendid creations of local landscapers which are a prelude to spring.  Pre-registration before February 26th is required. The reservation fee is $1.50 per person. A box lunch can be reserved for $2.50. The committee will also reserve a room at a local motel if requested. For registration and box lunch contact Co-Chairman Mrs. Marty Mayer, Huntington, NY. For program and motel room reservation contact Co-Chairman Richard Murcott, East Norwich, NY.