QBARS - v29n2 Where Are These Dexters?

Where Are These Dexters?
Heman Howard, Sandwich, Massachusetts

Since 1970 Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Massachusetts, has been making a serious effort to locate sources for the 141 named Dexter rhododendron cultivars known to be growing in this country. In 1970 only 18 of those cultivars were growing on the property which was the estate of Charles 0. Dexter, the originator of the Dexter hybrids.
After four years of searching, we now have 105 of the 141, in sizes varying from rooted cuttings to 50-year-old plants. Our goal for the year 1975 is to complete that collection by obtaining plants or cuttings of the remaining 36 cultivars.
Below is a list of the missing varieties. The cultivar name as well as the original code number is indicated. If you are growing even one of these plants, or if you have a plant or plants for sale this spring, will you please write the Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Grove Street Box 566, Sandwich, MS.
These plants will not be offered for future sale. We want them to make our collection the most complete Dexter collection to be found anywhere. The opportunity will then be afforded rhododendron fanciers to view, compare and evaluate the work of Mr. Dexter.

Dexter Cultivars Not Represented In Heritage Plantation Collection January, 1975
Dexter Cultivar Code Number or Other Dexter Cultivar Code Number or Other
Original Identity Original Identity
Adelphia* Sw. 12507-9 Lady Decora Sw. 12506-1
Apple Blossom Everitt #3 Lady of Belfield Sw. 12506-3
Aronimink Sw. 12507-3 Lady of Vernon* Sw. 12506-7
Barnstable Brown #1 Madison Hill* Sw. 12500-2
Black Cherry Dexter #105 Megansett Dexter #187
Brewster* Brown #6 Mrs. H. B. Gardner** Everitt #8
Bryantville Brown #7 Nathan Hale HS #10
Delicate Splendor Ross DD Oh Joy Ross 00
Dexter's Red Morris #2 Peg Coe*** Parker #7
Edwin Beinecke** Beinecke Selection Red Yard Schwoebel Selection
Elizabeth Poore** BPPM #52-1 Robert Coe Parker no #
Emissary Ross EE Rona Pink* T. Koenig Selection
Everett Miller US Nat. Arb. #19364 Sagamore Bayside Dexter #16
Fairhaven Dexter #44 Skerryvore Monarch Beincke-Goury Selection
Festive Feast Foss FF Up Front Ross UU
Forestdale Dexter #128 Wellfleet Dexter #8
Halesite Maiden HS #4 Whittenton* Willard #5
Harwich Dexter #108 Wiano Willard #7
Hatchville Dexter #121 William Rogers Coe Parker #8
Huntington Parker #5 Winneconnet* Willard #8
Josephine Everitt Everitt #5 Winning Ways* Ross WW
Kelley* Sw. 12507-11 Zest Ross ZZ
* Indicates in a few cases one or two are in Frame as of the above date.  Not being only cuttings Nursery sure of their condition, we will try to obtain additional material again in 1975.
** No known source for this cultivar.
*** Original plant died, probably no longer in cultivation.