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Pictures Unrelated to Text

'Ruth Lyons'
Fig.20.  Unusually bright, clear-pink flowers characterize
R. 'Ruth Lyons'. Probably a form of R. davidsonianum ,
it has a vertical growth habit.
Photo by Cecil Smith

R. strigillosum
Fig.21.  Beautiful new growth and interesting
leaf patterns make R. strigillosum one of the
best of the larger rhododendrons.  The scarlet-
crimson flowers are very bud-hardy.
Photo by Cecil Smith

Cross between R. yakushimanum and R. aberconwayi
Fig. 23. Cross between R. yakushimanum and
R. aberconwayi has been made by a number of
hybridizers. This is the best plant from the cross
by Carl Phetteplace. Crown Estate in England
used R. aberconwayi as the seed parent with
'Streatly' as the result.  It received as A.M. in
Photo by Carl Phetteplace, M.D

R. 'Blue Diamond'
Fig. 25. R. 'Blue Diamond' is an upright semi-
dwarf which does well in full sun.  One of the
best blues, it received an Award of Garden
Merit (RHS) in 1968.
Photo by A. Headlam

R. diaprepes 'Gargantua'
Fig.24. R. diaprepes 'Gargantua'
is a triploid grown from seed
collected by Forrest. The very
large fragrant flowers are white
with a green base.
Photo by Cecil Smith