QBARS - v29n3 Bronze Medal Awards and Citations - Portland Chapter

Bronze Medal Awards and Citations, Portland Chapter
Siegfried Berthelsdorf, Portland, Oregon

Two outstanding members of the Portland Chapter of the American Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society were awarded the Bronze medal, and were cited for their contributions on May 10, 1975, at the annual dinner following the rhododendron show.
William Curtis was cited for his reliable - and enduring activity on whatever committee to which he was assigned, and for his activity on the Board; he has been most generous in contributing plants as they have been needed, and has always been available for help with the annual shows.
Ruth M. Wood, a charter member of the American Rhododendron Society was cited for the abundance and excellence of her work, done both individually as well as jointly with others these past three decades. She has made repeated contributions to shows and meetings, has given of her time, of her plant material, and has demonstrated her talents not only in judging at the annual shows and in writing for the Bulletin, but also in her splendid constructive work all along the West Coast Chapters of the Society in the advancement of their programs.