QBARS - v29n3 ARS Gold Medal Award and Citation

The American Rhododendron Society
Gold Medal Award and Citation
To Ruth Hansen, Portland, Oregon

Ruth Hansen Gold Medal Award
FIG. 28. ARS President Alfred
Martin gave a Gold Medal and
Citation to Ruth M. Hansen,
first Secretary to the ARS and a
charter member, at presentation
in Portland in May.
Photo by S. Berthelsdorf

In appreciation for the multitude of ways in which she has labored, for the origin, preservation and growth of the A.R.S., and the remarkable diligence of her efforts for its welfare; for her dedication to the spread of interest in and appreciation of the Genus Rhododendron, and furthering knowledge of its value;
In recognition of the enormous labor of love invested in local, national and international projects, with a willingness to take over the many obligations time and again, year after year; and in gratitude from the many members of the past and present who have been given help and guidance;
In acknowledgement of her ability to organize and carry out the many assignments of the Society, work which is now delegated amongst several individuals, some volunteer, some reimbursed;
For her willingness to take over the many good-will tasks such as hosting visitors, making contact, arranging for programs for so many years.
The American Rhododendron Society is pleased to give its highest honor the Gold Medal to Ruth Hansen, member of the Portland Chapter A.R.S.
By unanimous action of the National Board of Directors this 18 March, 1975.