QBARS - v29n3 R. 'Kalimna'

R. 'Kalimna'
Arthur Headlam, Bentleigh, Australia

R. 'Kalimna'
Photo by Arthur W. Headlam

'Kalimna' is a hybrid developed by V. J. Boulter, a nurseryman and one of our leading hybridists. Mr. Boulter was the first of our hybridists to realize the necessity of producing early-flowering rhododendrons to better suit our particular climatic conditions. Our mild winter climate poses no problems regarding cold damage to rhododendrons. It is our late spring and early summer which can have such devastating effects on late-flowering rhododendrons when temperatures may suddenly rise to the near 100° F. mark. 'Edith Boulter' ('Marion' x 'Unique'), a compact plant having a truss of lavender-pink, frilled flowers with a darker edging, has been crossed with 'Unknown Warrior', resulting in 'Kalimna'. It is another compact growing rhododendron whose profusion of pink flowers with a darker edging, and a yellow-brown spotting on the upper lobe, has made a particularly attractive and popular hybrid. (Hybrids being developed in Australia should prove to be of value for those areas o f the united States with similar problems of climate. Ed.)