QBARS - v29n3 Book Review: Practical Plant Breeding

Book Review
Reviewed by August E. Kehr

To the average gardener, plant breeding is one of the most fascinating pastimes. To the commercial gardener or nurseryman, it is a branch of knowledge becoming more and more essential. But few gardeners know much about it from the scientific point of view. This small, 160-page book describes in simple terms how characters are inherited, and explains in practical detail how new varieties are developed. It tells of the surprising degree to which garden plants have been and are being developed by the breeder's art. The enterprising gardener who decides to embark on the hobby or business of breeding plants will find in this very easy reading, practical, and inexpensive book all he needs to guide him.
This book has been a standard reference for many years for English students taking the Royal Horticultural Society examinations. I strongly recommend it for all those interested in breeding rhododendrons and azaleas.