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R. 'GiGi' Habit of R. 'GiGi'
FIG. 32. Rose red flowers of 'GiGi' AE
are accented with prominent deep red
Photo by Franklin West
FIG. 33. Compact growth of 'GiGi' AE is enhanced by
many ball trusses produced.
Photo by Franklin West
R. 'Repose'
FIG. 31. R. 'Repose' is a cross of R. lacteum x R. discolor
made at Exbury by Lionel de Rothschild. The success of the
cross was not realized until after his death.
Photo by Carl Phetteplace, M.D.
R. 'Snow Shimmer' R. 'Sir Charles Lemon'
FIG. 40. One of the June bloomers developed
by Dr. John C. Wister, 'Snow Shimmer' has lily
white flowers in a loose truss. it blooms around
June 11 at Swarthmore, extending the
rhododendron season.
Photo by Franklin West
FIG. 42. Flowers are a bonus for 'Sir
Charles Lemon'. Handsome plant has
foliage with deep reddish brown
indumentum which flashes color as
breezes ruffle the foliage.
Photo by Cecil Smith