QBARS - v29n3 ARS Silver Medal Award and Citation

The American Rhododendron Society
Silver Medal Award and Citation - 1975
To H. H. Davidian, Edinburgh, Scotland

H. H.Davidian receiving ARS Silver Medal
Fig.26.  Pointing our  "true species" to John
Disney at the Portland show is H. H.
Davidian prior to the Annual Meeting at
which he received the Silver Medal, highest
award the American Rhododendron Society
can give to a non-member.
Photo by Claud Farrow

For your lifetime of interest and effort in the organization and dissemination of information regarding the Genus Rhododendron, we are deeply grateful. Admirers of rhododendrons throughout the world have honored you by spontaneously acclaiming you the outstanding authority in taxonomy of rhododendrons.
Your willingness to lecture regarding Rhododendrons and to devote your time to assisting others in identification of species plants is well known. Your contributions in the judging of rhododendron shows are legend. Your writings regarding the taxonomy of rhododendrons are without equal.
No summary of your achievements and contributions could transcend, or even add to, the honor previously bestowed upon you by the respect accorded those achievements and contributions. In recognition of that honor, your contributions to the knowledge of rhododendrons, and your gracious assistance to those who would enlarge their own knowledge;
The American Rhododendron Society expresses its appreciation and in symbolism thereof is pleased to present its Silver Medal to H. H. Davidian. By unanimous action of the Board of Directors on this 17 day of May 1975.