QBARS - v29n4 1975 Bronze Medal Award - Philadelphia Chapter

1975 Bronze Medal Award - Philadelphia Chapter

Dr. Gustave E. Landt Bronze Medal
Fig. 54 Presenting the Bronze Medal to
Dr. Gustave E. Landt, right, is George
W. Muller Jr., President of the
Philadelphia Chapter.

Highlight of the April 11 banquet meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter was the Bronze Medal presentation to Dr. Gustave E. Landt. In making the presentation, George W. Muller Jr., Chapter President, cited Dr. Landt's years of loyal and unselfish service to the Chapter as a member, treasurer, director and program chairman.
Dr. Landt has also served as chairman of the committee responsible for the Rhododendron Test and Display Gardens at the Tyler Arboretum. Starting in 1969 with two acres of bare ground, Dr. Landt has given guidance, inspiration and physical labor to the planning and development of the display garden which provides an important representation of the rhododendrons eminently suitable for growing in the area.