QBARS - v29n4 1975 American Rhododendron Society National Awards


Dr. Gustav A. L. Melquist Gold Medal
Fig. 50 President Alfred Martin presents
citation and Gold Medal to Dr. Gustav
A. L. Melquist at the annual meeting in
Bellevue, WA
Photo by Britt Smith

To Dr. Gustav A. L. Mehlquist, Storrs, Connecticut

You were a moving spirit in the organization of the Connecticut Chapter of the A.R.S. and have been its constant guiding light. Despite the unfavorable climate of Storrs, Conn., you have embarked on a Rhododendron breeding program of staggering proportions. In a limited area you have grown and tested thousands of Rhododendrons. Your skill, enthusiasm and energy are the envy of all who have seen your results.
As the guiding spirit of the Connecticut Horticultural Society, and with your teaching at the Univ. of Conn. Horticultural Department, you have informed, inspired and won respect. The clarity of your explanations and thoroughness have made the mysteries of genetics vivid and alive for all listeners.
A devoted student of plant genera you have made yourself an expert in Orchidaceae, Delphinium, Dianthus and not the least Rhododendron. You have brought to the breeding of plant groups a systematic approach that has enriched the literature and will be the basis for much work in the future.
When you turned your attention to Rhododendrons, you brought to bear all of your training, patience and skill to become in a few years an acknowledged leader among the growing company of Rhododendron enthusiasts of the Northeast.
For all your varied horticultural achievements, your genial personality, your tireless enthusiasm, your quizzical humor, your abundant generosity, and particularly for your contributions to the world of Rhododendrons;
The American Rhododendron Society takes pride in presenting its highest honor to DR. GUSTAV A. L. MEHLQUIST

To William E. Whitney, posthumously

The American Rhododendron Society gratefully acknowledges the many contributions of the late William E. Whitney during his thirty-five years of devotion to the Genus Rhododendron.

As a Charter Member of the Society, and as an active member of the Portland Chapter, Bill Whitney contributed time and materials to the early development of the Crystal Springs Garden. Later, having moved to the Olympic Peninsula, he was instrumental in organizing several new chapters in the area. Generous with his time, he was a frequent contributor of outstanding programs at Chapter meetings. Trusses of his new hybrids were feature attractions at shows.
He was a discerning collector of both species and hybrids. A successful hybridizer, his standards were high and as a result Whitney plants introduced and yet-to-be introduced are outstanding in flower, foliage and plant form, even under less than ideal conditions. The seasonal display at Whitney Gardens near Brinnon, Washington is well known throughout the area. Many present A.R.S. members trace their interest in Rhododendrons to a visit and tour of his gardens.
The American Rhododendron Society proudly presents its highest honor to the late WILLIAM E. WHITNEY

Marie C. Grula Silver Medal
Fig. 51: Marie C. Grula receives the
Silver Medal and citation from ARS
President Alfred Martin.
Photo by Britt Smith

To Marie C. Grula

For more than a decade you have given freely of your unique talents and skills to the service of the Society. During this period of time great improvements in communications within the Society and among its chapters have strengthened the organization and solidified the truly national aspects of the Society.
Even if they were purely mechanical functions, the thousands of communications that you have written for the Society would be noteworthy. Your contribution become truly meaningful because on your own initiative you have devoted much personal time and effort to familiarize yourself with the general aspects of the Genus Rhododendron, mastered its technical eccentricities, and exhibited a warm and direct interest in the projects and progress of the Society and the interests of individual members, directors, and officers.
Your devoted service will be most difficult to replace because of the long continuity established. Your deep commitment, personal support and guidance will be particularly missed.
The American Rhododendron Society expresses its appreciation to you and in symbolism thereof is pleased to present its Silver Medal to MARIE C. GRULA.
By unanimous action of the Board of Directors on this 17th day of May 1975.