QBARS - v2n1 The Rhododendron Show

The Rhododendron Show
By John Bacher

Rhododendron show plans are being studied by the appointed show committee consisting of Jerry Barfoot in charge of staging, and Adolph Meier, Landscape architect with J. G. Bacher, Chairman.
The plans call for the use of the Armory, the city's only hall large enough to accommodate a full landscape effect with daylight accommodation. This will be the first show of its kind devoted to rhododendrons principally and arranged in a setting of natural effect adapted to modern garden styles for informality.
A rustic Northwestern garden theme will prevail in which the tumbling waters of a mountain stream will freshen up the masses of growing rhododendron shrubs in fullest bloom for the occasion and the reflections of the colorful blossoms in a placid pool will enhance a scene of peace and tranquility. There. are to be many features in color combinations to delight the visitors, and special effects for companionate plant groupings of merit to every home owner who, may be fortunate enough to visit this show.
It is hoped the show visitor will be treated to a display of elegance and charm made possible by the recent introduction of rhododendron hybrids from England and Holland where the breeding of new hybrids has been carried on for generations.
This display should prove a revelation in the progress made by the foremost. plant breeders of the world. Each variety whether new or old is to be shown in such a setting of ideal landscape art, that visitors will at once find it worthy of application to their own yard.
The thesis of the show is to be practical for home garden embellishment, as well as to furnish new inspiration for better color groupings and a wider realization of the limitless charms one can find in the use of rhododendrons for garden plantings.
A massive bank of giant rhododendrons in fullest bloom will meet the eyes of the visitors as they first enter the hall. This group will block the view of the exhibit in general until one walks to right or left some distance, then new vistas open in several directions.
The sound of tumbling waters among the flowers will sooth surprised nerves excited by the glow of brilliant colors as from a fairyland. The charming green of woodland scenes from garden shrubs of many kinds will tone down the super glow of teasing color groups in niches of this dreamland garden.
Yes, this rhododendron show invites the world at large to come and learn of nature's wonders, in this Northwest region. If you visit this great event do not neglect to invite your friends and neighbors too, for all can gain, and future seasons will see much of this beauty right in your own home yards, a source of pride for all time to come.

  • May 7, 7:30 p.m. special preview admission $1.00
  • May 8 and 9, 10 a. m. to 9 p.m. General admission 50 cents
  • Children 25 cents when not with parent
  • Society Membership card will admit member and one guest free.

A preview of the Seattle rhododendron show will be included in the April Bulletin.