QBARS - v2n1 Hybrid Notes

Hybrid Notes

R. 'Mrs. Donald Graham' . A R. griersonianum hybrid shown by Endre Ostbo. A handsome plant with dark green oblanceolate leaves, and four inch salmon pink flowers. Blooms in late May. Very good.
R. 'Sir Fredrick Moore' . ( R. discolor x R. 'St. Keverne') Large pale pink flowers in early June.
R. 'Blue Diamond' . ( R. augustinii x R. 'Intrifast') A bush shrub, for an open location. The flowers are of a good blue color. Blooms April 25.
R. 'Carita' . This fine variety with a pale primrose flower. It is a hybrid between R. campylocarpum x R. 'Naomi'. Bloomed May 14 last year.
R. 'David' . A Dutch hybrid with deep blood red, funnel shaped flowers in an upright conical truss. A good variety for the gardener. Bloomed in early May.
R. 'Naomi' . (R. 'Aurora' x R. fortunei ). Wide flattish 4½ inch flowers of soft pink shaded light orange in the throat. An excellent plant for the woodland or shadier spot in the garden. May 15.
R. 'Red Cap' . ( R. didymum x R. eriogynum ) Small intense red flowers 2 inches wide, eight to ten in a loose truss. June 15.
R. 'Sunrise' . ( R. griersonianum x R. griffithianum ) A very fine hybrid with four inch flowers of pale pink of great substance. A good upright fast growing plant. May 15.
R. 'Grenadier' . Another outstanding hybrid. ( R. griersonianum x R. elliottii ) Flowers 3½ inches in diameter, blood red in color. A very tight, close, rounded truss.
R. 'Angelo' . This hybrid between R. discolor x R. griffithianum has 8 to 10 pink fading to white, sweet scented flowers, 5 inches across. Recommended for the shady woodland or protected spot.