QBARS - v2n1 The 1948 Rhododendron Yearbook

The 1948 Rhododendron Yearbook

Reports from the Yearbook editor, Dr. Gatke, indicate that a number of articles for the 1948 issue have already been received and others have been promised for an early date. A preview of the editorial plans for the 1948 book indicate that a wide range of material will be treated. Besides articles written by rhododendron authorities working in the Pacific Northwest there will be articles telling of growing experiences in other portions of the United States. Among these later will be stories coming from two veteran authorities of the east coast, G. G. Nearing of New Jersey, and Joseph B. Gable of Pennsylvania.
Again this year there will be contributions from distinguished authorities of England and Holland. One of the most interesting contributions promised from abroad is one by Dr. Joseph F. Rock, one of the greatest plant explorers of our day, who is now on an expedition in the mountains of western China.
Members having interesting rhododendron pictures-for use they must be sharp and in gloss finish prints-are urged to submit them for consideration for use in the Yearbook. They should be labeled to give necessary information about variety or other pertinent data. It will be appreciated if copies submitted are sent with permission to be retained for use of the Society. Address the pictures to Dr. Gatke at Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.