QBARS - v2n2 Choice Hybrids of Recognized Rating

Choice Hybrid Rhododendrons of Recognized Rating

The following is a list of hybrid rhododendrons which are more or less available in the nurseries. The ratings are taken from the year book of the Rhododendron Association of Great Britain and these ratings are found to be very accurate on the Pacific Coast. Those with one star are known to have particular merit and those with two, three or four stars have more merit in proportion to the number of stars. The letters A. B. and C are used as a guide in selection of the site for planting. Those marked in "A" are hardy and may be planted in full exposure if desired. Those with "B" classification should have some protection to be grown to best advantage. Varieties marked "C" must have some protection from the sun.

Alice** (B) deep pink fading to rose with vigorous habit of growth and blooming early midseason.
Amy** (A) bright rose color, good truss, fairly vigorous, blooming midseason.
Azor*** (B) soft salmon, vigorous habit, large flowers in June.
Barclayi**** (C) intense crimson good habit, waxy flowers in April.
Barclayi**** (var. Helen Fox) deep crimson scarlet, habits same as above.
Barclayi*** (var. Robert Fox) deep blood red, habits same as above.
Beauty of Littleworth*** (B) white, large foliage, very vigorous habit, large flowers in a tall truss in May.
Betty Wormald*** (C) light pink with a purple blotch, vigorous habit blooming in May.
Black Beauty** (B) dark velvet crimson slower growing and blooming in late May.
Blue Peter*** (A) pale lavender blue with a deep blotch good foliage and habit blooming in May.
Blue Tit**** (C) pale blue, dwarf habit blooming in May.
Bow Bells (B) light pink compact habit blooming in late May and June and is too new to be rated.
Britannia*** (C) bright crimson red, compact habit blooming in June.
Bulstrode Park** (C) dark red, vigorous habit, flowering in late May
Butterfly*** (B) open habit of growth pale lemon flowers with a chocolate blotch in May.
Canary** (C) very compact habit, bright yellow flowers in May.
C. B. Van Nes** (C) vigorous habit, dark scarlet trusses in late May.
Cornubia*** (C) vigorous habit, blood red flowers in May.
Corona*** (B) compact rather dwarf habit, tall coral pink truss in late May.
Dawn's Delight*** (C) good habit of growth, brick red buds changing to soft pink in late May.
Doncaster* (B) compact rather dwarf, scarlet crimson blooms in late May or June.
Dr. O. Blok*** (C) very vigorous, large foliage, large flowers in a tall compact conical truss, pink edges with a paler center.
Dr. Stocker*** (C) good habit of growth, creamy white flowers in April.
Earl of Athlone**** (B) tall upright habit, bright blood red bells in May.
Elspeth*** (Slocock) (B) rather dwarf, very compact, with scarlet buds fading to rich apricot in May.
Faggeter's Favourite*** (B) good foliage and habit, large pale pink flowers in a tall truss in May.
Garnet*** (C) vigorous habit, deep salmon rose flowers in late May.
Fabia (C) good habit of growth, orange flowers in June, too new to be rated.
G. A. Sims** (B) good habit, good truss, deep scarlet crimson flowers in late May.
Gills Crimson**** (C) vigorous habit, blood crimson flowers in late April.
Goldsworth Pink** (B) good habits, pink flowers in May.
Goldsworth Yellow*** (B) Vigorous habit, deep yellow flowers in June.
Gomer Waterer** (A) neat habit, white lightly blushed flowers in June.
Ivery's Scarlet*** (C) very vigorous, blood red trusses in late May.
J. H. Van Nes*** (C) dwarfish habit, soft red in May.
Lady Bligh*** (C) medium habit of growth, strawberry red trusses in late May.
Lady Clementine Mitford* (A) vigorous grower, peach pink with a deeper margin in late May.
Lady Primrose*** (B) slow growing, very compact, lemon yellow with red spots in May.
Lady Stuart of Wortley** (C) very vigorous, large glowing pink, tall truss in early May.
Langley Park** (B) compact habit, good truss of deep red flowers in mid May.
Loderi**** (C) very vigorous habit, large foliage, six to eight inch blooms of pure white in early May.
Loderi King George**** (C) same as above but a twelve to fifteen inch tall truss.
Loder's White*** (B) compact spreading habit with pale pink flowers fading to white in early May.
Loderi Venus**** (C) same as King George but the flowers are shell pink.
Madam de Bruin** (B) neat habit of growth, bright red blooms in mid May.
Madam Fr. J. Chauvin*** (C) good vigorous habit, rosy pink flowers with a paler center in late May.
Mars**** (B) compact, neat habit, deep true red flowers in a tight truss in early June.
Michael Waterer (B) compact dwarfish habit, bright crimson flowers in late May. Not rated yet
Moser's Maroon** (B) vigorous upright habit, deep maroon blooms in June. New foliage interesting coppery red.
Mother of Pearl*** (B) tall vigorous habit, large flowers of blush turning to snow white in late May.
Mrs. A. T. de La Mare** (C) good vigorous habit, white flowers with a greenish spot in early June.
Mrs. C. B. Van Nes** (C) neat habit, tall truss of dark Oink in May.
Mrs. Chas. Pearson*** (B) good habit, dark green foliage, blush mauve flowers spotted burnt sienna in late May.
Mrs. E. C. Sterling** (B) very vigorous habit, good tall truss Of pale orchid in mid May.
Mrs. Furnival*** (B) low growing, dark green foliage, striking light pink flowers with a sienna blotch in late May or early June.
Mrs. G. W. Leak**** (C) very vigorous, tall truss of deep pink with a brown Purple blotch in early May.
Mrs. Lindsay Smith** (C) very vigorous upright grower, large snow white flowers in mid June.
Mrs. Mary Ashley** (B) neat compact habit holding branches well near the ground, salmon pink flowers shaded cream in the middle of May.
Mrs. Philip Martineau*** (B) good foliage but a little fastidious as to location, rose pink fading to lighter, pale yellow blotch in the middle of June.
Mrs. R. S. Holford* (B) neat habit, rosy salmon flowers in June.
Mrs. W. C. Slocock*** (B) dwarf compact habit, apricot pink flowers shaded to yellow in May.
Nobleanum Venustum* (B) low growing, pink in early April.
Nobleanum Coccineum** (B) low growing, bright scarlet in early April.
Pink Pearl** (B) tall vigorous grower, rose pink fading to blush, in May.
Princess Elizabeth*** (B) very vigorous, tall growing, tight truss of deep crimson in June.
Purple Splendour*** (B) vigorous upright growing, deep purple with a black blotch, in mid June.
Pygmalion*** (B) spreading loose habit, good tight truss of crimson scarlet spotted black. In June.
Queen of the May*** (B) neat grower, large white flowers in May.
Romany Chai vigorous habit, dark red blooms in late June. Not yet rated.
Rosamundi Millais*** (C) tall Upright growing, cerise red blotched burnt timber, in May.
Rubens*** (B) spreading habit, rich deep red, in late May.
Sir Charles Lemon*** (C) neat habit, underside of foliage has a reddish brown indumentum white flowers in May.
Snow Queen*** (C) vigorous tall habit, pure white flowers in May.
Souvenir of W. C. Slocock*** (B) dwarf, very compact, primrose yellow flowers which cover the plant in late May.
Susan*** (B) spreading, pliable willowy branches, the nearest to blue in a large flower, in May.
Tally Ho**** (C) tall, Vigorous, upright, bright hunting coat scarlet trumpets, in late June.
The Honorable Jean Marie Montagu, compact habit, dark green foliage, bright scarlet flowers in late May. Not yet rated.
Trilby* (B) very vigorous, good truss of deep crimson in late May or June.
Unique**** (B) dwarf, compact, dark glossy green foliage, pale yellow waxy bells which cover the plant in May.
Unknown Warrior** (C) Vigorous, spreading habit, bright red trusses, in late April.
Van Nes Sensation* (C) compact, large dark green foliage, seven lobed large pale lilac blooms with white center in late May or early June.
Zuider Zee*** vigorous upright habit, lemon yellow, crimson spotted upper petal, flowers in May.