QBARS - v2n2 A.R.S. Spring Flower Show

Official Program
A.R.S. Spring Flower Show
Portland Armory, 10th at Couch St.
May 7-8-9

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Show Committee

Chairman . . . . John Bacher
Co-Chairman . . . Jerry Barfoot
Landscape Architect . . . Adolph Meyer
Jerry Barfoot, Staging
Robert Walker, Supplies
George Grace, Procurement
E. R. Peterson, Finance
Theo. Van Veen, Judging
Ernest Porter, Adv. and Publicity
Joe Johnson, Adv. and Publicity
Sub-Committee on Supplies
John Henny
Bernard Esch
Raymond Imbler
Don Doerfler


The American Rhododendron Society is grateful to the following members and firms for their support of the Annual Rhododendron Show.
The gratuitous expression of cooperation of this group, many of whom spent both time and money, deserves the thanks and praise of the Society.

George Grace, Portland, Oregon. Columbia Brick and Tile Co.
Henny & Brydon, Brooks, Oregon. Pacific Alpine Gardens
Portland Rose Nursery, Portland, Oregon. Meier and Frank Co.
Beaver Creek Nursery, Gresham, Oregon. Fredricks Garden Supplies
Carlton Nursery Co., Forest Grove, Oregon. R. Imbler, Boring, Oregon
F. A. Doerfler & Sons, Salem, Oregon. Swiss Floral Greenhouses
Holgate Nursery Co., Portland, Oregon. Charles Skinner
State Flower Nursery, Bothel, Washington. Pacific Native Nursery
Rich & Sons Nursery, Hillsboro, Oregon. Rocco Cappeli, Milwaukie, Oregon
E. R. Peterson, Portland, Oregon. S. L. Burnaugh
Glen Savage, Rhododendron Nursery, Portland, Oregon. Lackamans Gardens, Camas, Washington
Joe Senko. Cornelius, Oregon. Fishels Awning and Supply
Nick Radovich Nursery, Portland, Oregon. Pilkington Nursery, Tigard, Oregon
Theo. Van Veen Nursery, Portland, Oregon. Floral Nursery, Jennings Lodge, Oregon
Bernard Esch Nursery, Portland, Oregon. Surface Nursery
Portland Wholesale Nursery, Portland, Oregon. Inman Poulsen Lumber Co.
Erwin B. Lincoln


Schedule of Fourth Annual Rhododendron Show by the American Rhododendron Society at the Armory, Portland, Oregon, May 8 and9, 1948, 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Admission 50 cents. Membership Cards to admit Members free. Special Preview May 7 at 8 o'clock. Formal Dress Optional.  Admission to Preview, $1.00 Membership Cards will not admit to Preview

Schedule Of Classes

1. Best group of alpine rhododendrons. Open.
2. Best red hybrid. Single truss. Open.
3. Best pink hybrid. Single truss. Open.
4. Best white hybrid. Single truss. Open.
5. Best apricot hybrid. Single truss. Open.
6. Best salmon or orange. Single truss. Open.
7. Best blue. Spray not to exceed 18 inches in height. Open.
8. Best hybrid bred in the United States, and never shown at an American Rhododendron Society Show. Parentage of this hybrid should be shown. Open.
9. Best imported new hybrid. Never shown at an American Rhododendron Society Show. Plant or truss may be shown. Open.
10. One truss fortunei series.
11. One truss neriiflorum series.
12. One truss taliense subseries.
13. One spray campylocarpum subseries. Not to exceed 18 inches.
14. One spray thomsonii series. Not to exceed 18 inches.
15. One spray augustinii subseries. Not to exceed 18 inches.
16. One spray oreotrephes. Not to exceed 18 inches.
17. One Spray cinnabarinum series. Not to exceed 18 inches.
18. One truss falconeri series
19. One truss Subseries parishii.
20. One spray scabrifolium series. Not to exceed 18 inches.
21. One spray triflorum series. Not to exceed 18 inches.
22. One Spray virgatum series. Not to exceed 18 inches.
23. One truss of any thomsonii hybrid.
21. One truss of any neriiflorum hybrid.
25. One truss of any griersonianum hybrid.
26. One truss of any dichroanthum hybrid.
27. One truss of any cinnabarinum hybrid.
28. One truss of any campylocarpum hybrid.
29. One truss of any elliottii hybrid.
30. One truss of any fortunei hybrid.
31. One truss of any williamsianum hybrid.
32. One truss of any Loderi varieties.
33. One truss of any eriogynum hybrid.
34. Three sprays of any evergreen azalea. Not to exceed 18 inches
35. Three sprays of any deciduous azalea. Not to exceed 18 inches.


1. The show will be held in the Armory at Portland, Oregon, May 8 and 9, 1948. Special preview on the evening of May 7 at 7:30 P.M.
2. Exhibitors shall have their exhibits ready by 5 o'clock, May 7.
3. No competitor may make more than one entry in any one class.
4. The judges will be at liberty to withhold prizes where the objects are deficient in merit, or to award a lower prize should they consider this desirable. A second prize will be awarded if there are three or more entries and a third prize if there are five or more entries. The judges' decision will be final. The judges will take into consideration the beauty, quality and size of the truss.
5. No competitor may make more than one entry in any one class.
6. It is requested that exhibitors refrain from removing exhibits until after the show. Every care will be taken for the protection of all plants, flowers, etc., but the Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
7. Exhibitors are requested not to handle other exhibits.
8. Any objection raised by exhibitors must be in writing to the Secretary of the Society not later than 5 o'clock on the afternoon of the opening preview.
9. The term "spray" is interpreted as meaning a single stem  or branch. The term "truss" to mean a single rachis, and therefore a cut group of select blooms made up as a truss will be disqualified.
10. The President, Vice President and Secretary will have the power to disqualify exhibits which infringe on any of the above regulations. Subject to the appeal of the committee. Their decision shall be final.
11. All measurements will be verified by the committee.
12. Containers will be furnished by the Society.
13. The term "open" means that the class is open to nurserymen as well as amateurs. Where no such designation is made the class is open for amateurs only.
14. Nurserymen and commercial growers will be permitted to enter those classes that are designated -for nurserymen open.
15. Rhododendron species or hybrid that cannot be entered in any of the above classes should be brought to the attention of the entry clerk and the Society officers will set up a class.
16. All entrants must register their entries with the entry clerk, to insure their being placed in the right class and with proper ownership identification attached.
17. The Doctor Corbin cup will be awarded on the basis of total points in competitive showing. Each first place to be worth three points. Second place, two points. Third place, one point.