QBARS - v2n2 Seedlings in April

Seedlings In April

Members of the Society who planted seeds in January will find that the first true leaves will have been formed by early April. Open the glass covers a little each day to admit air and harden the plants, this also prevents the small seedlings from becoming leggy and drawn. Seedlings that have received plenty light and air will be short stocky plants and less susceptible to fungous attacks.
Ready the seedling flats with equal parts of sand, loam and peat and plant the small seedlings about an inch apart but no deeper than they were originally in the seed dish. Later in the summer if necessary the plants can be transplanted again. If more than one flat of species is planted, a permanent identification label should be affixed when transplanting to forestall possible confusion later.
Watering should not be neglected especially during the hot weather, and if this all important requirement is ignored for as little as two days the small plants will suffer and possibly be lost.