QBARS - v2n4 Book Review

Book Review
Rudolph Henny

Azaleas: Kinds and Culture: By H. Harold Hume, 220 pages, 73 illustrations, 10 in full color, J. Horace McFarland, Harrisburg, Pa.

The author, Dr. Harold Hume, has followed up a previous booklet entitled "Azaleas and Camellias" with a finer edition. Many of the details of the book must be based on his own experiences, for the subject of azaleas is adequately covered from the work of propagation to cultural practices. All of the information is sound and much of it heretofore not generally too well known to the gardener. The chapter that treats with the landscape value of azaleas is one of the best. All of the material is presented in such a way that the very amateur grower with only the most elementary acquaintance with the subject will be able to follow the recommended procedure with little or no difficulty. Dr. Hume is to be congratulated on a very fine book, delightfully written, that should be a guide to all lovers of azaleas.