QBARS - v30n1 R. 'Snowcap' Information Requested

R. 'Snowcap' Information Requested
by Francesca Darts, Surrey, B.C.

I have recently bought a rhododendron 'Snow Cap' (dwarf, white) and am wondering if this has ever been registered. The ARS 25 Year Index has one reference to it in v62n2, as follows: - "Another award went to Mr. Lem for his seedling of caucasicum crossed with lacteum x 'Mary Swathling'. It has 14 to 18 flowers to a head and each is 2 to 2-1/2 inches across. The color is cream in the throat blending to white edges. The foliage is 4 inches long. The name 'Snow Cap' has been suggested."
How a number of these good sized plants came to Canada to be sold in a cash-and-carry garden spot I do not know, but I would like to know if there has been any evaluation on 'Snow Cap' since 1962. Perhaps some of the Quarterly readers could tell me.
I was reading Greer Gardens catalogue and came upon R. 'Show Cap' but evidently a different 'Snow Cap' than the one referred to in v62n2. It is described as follows: 'Snow Cap' - unknown 4' H3 M 4/4. New Whitney hybrid. Has beautiful white flowers on neat plant. Unknown parentage; however, it is probably a hybrid of the Thomsonii Series and the Fortunei Series. Flowers heavily. Worth a try for those of you who want a variety others do not have yet."