QBARS - v30n1 Nominating Committee Report

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee proposes the following list of nominees from which four directors will be elected in 1975. Those nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be elected for a term of three years. It has previously been noted that some people tend to feel that positions on the ballot bear some relationship to being elected. For this reason, candidates' positions on the ballot have been determined by lot. We urge all of you to vote for the candidates of your choice when you receive the ballots. They should be returned promptly after receipt so that the vote will be complete prior to the annual meeting in Philadelphia starting May 20.

DR. DONALD S. KELLAM, JR ., Charlotte, North Carolina Orthopedic surgeon; past president Piedmont Chapter; active in Chapter and national meetings; enthusiastic hybridizer for suitable rhododendron varieties in Southeast; has eight acres garden and testing area.

ED EGAN , Tualatin Valley Chapter, Chapter President. Present National Board Member. Contributor of pictures and articles for the Quarterly Bulletin. Retired Professional Photographer. Propagator for a commercial nursery.

J. JUDSON BROOKS , Sewickley, Penna.Past president and director of Great Lakes Chapter; member of Board of American Horticultural Society and Trustee of new Rhododendron Species Foundation and was responsible for drawing Trust Agreement; member of National Research Committee; currently extremely active in horticultural side of Pittsburgh's History and Landmark Council as Vice President and Director; enthusiastic gardener; former Vice-President of Allegheny Council Boy Scouts of America.

JOHN P. EVANS, M.D. , California Chapter, Past President. Present National Board Member. Frequent contributor of pictures and articles to the Quarterly Bulletin. Has an extensive collection of hybrids and species.

E. WHITE SMITH , Tacoma Chapter, Past President. Metropolitan Park Department. Speaker at chapter meetings. Member of 1974 Sikkim Rhododendron Trek. Attended Pacific Rhododendron Conference in Australia and New Zealand.

RICHARD MURCOTT , East Norwich, New York. Organized East Coast Breeders' Roundtable in 1974; Director of New York Chapter and for a long period of time has been active in organizing and carrying out Chapter educational programs; has been hybridizing since 1964 - frequent speaker on the subject at various Chapter meetings and garden clubs as well as botanical gardens; extremely active in first Scottish Truss Rhododendron Truss Shows in New York in 1974.

Respectfully submitted,

John P. Evans, M.D.
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor
Ernest H. Yelton, M.D.
Alfred S. Martin, Chairman