QBARS - v30n1 Tappan Zee 1975 Bronze Medal

Tappan Zee 1975 Bronze Medal

Richard W. Redfield Bronze Medal award
Richard W. Redfield, right, was presented with Bronze
Medal by Emil Bohnel, President of Tappan Zee Chapter.
Photo by Emil Bohnel

Richard W. Redfield received the Bronze Medal Award May 26, 1975 at the Tappan Zee Chapter Flower Show. In making the presentation Emil Bohnel made note of the many offices Mr. Redfield had held and the many programs given to the chapter. Note was also made of the donations he had made of rhododendrons and conifers to the combined Tappan Zee and New Jersey Chapters' Test and Display gardens located in "Skylands'', a New Jersey State Park at Ringwood, N.J.