QBARS - v30n2 Arthur O. "Art" Wright 1907-1975

Arthur O. "Art" Wright 1907-1975
Howard Slonecker, Milwaukie, Oregon

A wholesale nurseryman of much repute and a charter member of the AIRS, Art was always deeply interested in its success and was always very generous in its support. He donated heavily both to the plant sales that helped so much in carrying on the affairs of the Society in its formative years and to the initial plantings of the Crystal Springs Island project. Aside from numerous rhododendrons, both evergreen and deciduous azaleas were furnished. He provided all the plants in the bed of red mollis azaleas on the peninsula portion of the garden in one block, as well as the many exotic forms of Japanese maple found throughout the garden.
A talented plant propagator who went to great lengths to obtain the finest forms available for his propagating, Art Wright did not confine his efforts to the rhododendron field alone. He provided our gardens with numerous fine varieties of other plants. I always had great admiration for his discerning eye in selecting the best. He was ruthless in disposing of materials that did not meet his high standards.
Although his hybridization was never on an extensive scale, among his notable productions are 'Odee Wright', 'Oceanlake' and 'Cary Ann'.