QBARS - v30n2 Rhododendron Breeders Roundtable 1976

Rhododendron Breeders Roundtable 1976
John H. Topp

The 1976 Rhododendron Breeders Roundtable will open at 8:30 a.m. and continue all day, Sunday May, 23rd. Richard Murcott, a hybridizer who enjoys great popularity as a speaker on rhododendron propagation, will chair the session. Mr. Murcott organized the East Coast Breeders Roundtable in 1974.
The morning session of the symposium will be occupied with a half-hour presentation by each of the speakers. Participating will be Dr. Gustav A. L. Mehlquist, Arthur Frazer, Dr. Ernest Yelton, Polly Hill, George Ring, G. Albert Reid, Dr. M. E. Byrkit, and Bishop Wettberg.
Those desiring to make a presentation of their own will have an opportunity as the afternoon session opens. Anyone planning to do so should contact Mr. Murcott at the convention, or write to him at this address: Richard Murcott, East Norwich, N.Y.
The balance of the afternoon will be a free discussion with the speakers answering questions, giving advice, and commenting on ideas. The informal atmosphere has at previous Roundtables stimulated an interesting exchange of information, direction, and ideas.
Do not feel that the Breeders Roundtable is restricted to experienced growers. If you are a new member of the society, or if hybridizing is something reserved for the future, or even if you have tentatively made a few crosses, this is an opportunity to acquire more information about rhododendrons and azaleas than you can find in most books on the subject.