QBARS - v30n4 The ARS Film Library

The ARS Film Library
Fred Galle, Pine Mountain, Georgia

The film library of the ARS has been an active program of the Society for some time. This past year the program has been improved and several additions have been made. In addition to these changes, provision has been made for the Society to have two Slide Chairmen, one to serve the Eastern areas and one for the West. These are, for the East, Mr. Emil F. Hager, Albertson, N.Y. and, for the West, Mr. Arthur Dome, Seattle, WA.
A list of the slide programs now complete follows:

  • Propagation of Rhododendrons, John Lofthouse
  • Rhododendron Species, Dr. Carl Petteplace
  • Brodick Castle and Gardens
  • Malesian Rhododendrons in Australia, Arthur Headlam
  • New Zealand Rhododendrons, Mr. Laskers (this program has typed narration. Others have cassette tapes.)

This is a non-profit program; however, to cover the cost of the slides and mailing, the Board has approved a deposit of $50.00 for the loan of the slides. Of this amount, $35.00 will be refunded upon return of the slides and tapes. The programs must also be returned three (3) days after use and by insured mail. The slides and tapes will be checked before and after each reservation. The borrower is made responsible for any damage and will be charged for any repair or replacement costs. A charge will also be made, if the slide program is not returned within three days after the program. The borrower must return the slide program insured for $200.00 by UPS or by air parcel. Work is now in progress to complete the duplication of seven additional programs for loan early in 1977.
In the past, slide programs have been available only for ARS Chapters' use. Under the new program, they will be available to garden clubs and civic groups under the same deposit arrangement. For this reason, it is advisable to schedule the programs well in advance.