QBARS - v30n4 1976 Seattle Rhododendron Show

1976 Seattle Rhododendron Show

The 26th Annual Seattle Rhododendron Society Show Awards Banquet was held Saturday night May 1st at the Thunderbird Inn in Bellevue.
The following awards were given: Garden Valley Nursery, the Frederick & Nelson Perpetual Cup for Best Landscaping Design; the Don Kennedy Award for Best Deciduous Azalea Plant in a Landscape Exhibit went to Pacific North West Nursery for R. vaseyi , the Griswold Nursery Award for Best Evergreen Azalea Plant in Landscape Exhibit to Garden Valley Nursery for 'Blaauw's Pink'; Agro Fertilizer Award for Best Species Rhododendron in Landscape Exhibit to Garden Valley Nursery for R. glaucophyllum ; Garden Valley Nursery Award for Best Hybrid Rhododendron Plant in Landscape Exhibit to rubiginosum x augustinii from Garden Valley Nursery; Seattle Trust and Savings Perpetual Cup for Best Plant in Show to Helen Moodie for R. wiltonii , Bellevue Square Trophy for Best Azalea Plant in Show to Mae Granston for R. serpyllifolium ; Richard Kolesar Perpetual Trophy for Best Plant entered by a Novice to Jack Morgan for 'President Roosevelt'; Elizabeth and Clarence Bledsoe M.D. Perpetual Award for the Best New Hybrid Rhododendron Plant, not previously shown, and exhibited by its hybridizer to E. C. Brockenbraugh M.D.; Mrs. William M. Culliton Trophy for Best Dwarf Rhododendron Plant to Mae Granston for R. serpyllifolium ; Seattle Chapter of Washington State Nurserymen's Association Perpetual Trophy for the Best Named Washington Rhododendron Plant to Garden Valley Nursery for ('Little Gem' x ?); Seattle Rhododendron Society Annual Achievement Award for Best Truss of a New Hybrid Seedling to Alyce Mc Brayer for 'Ballerina' x 'Corringe'; Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Trophy for Best Truss in Show to 'Lionel's Triumph' from Garden Valley Nursery; Karl Korn Perpetual Award for the Best Truss of a Rhododendron Hybrid either of whose parents are in the Thomsonii Series to thomsonii Hybrid from Don Zimmerman; John L. Scott Real Estate Perpetual Trophy for the Best Spray or Truss of a Deciduous Azalea to Helen Moodie for a mollis; Puget Sound Power & Light Perpetual Trophy for Best Educational Exhibit to New Growth from Renee Hill; Lincoln First Federal Savings Sweepstakes Trophy to Mae Granston.
The Show this year had Landscape Exhibits, a Bonsai Exhibit, 492 cut blooms, and 104 plants. The 1976 Show was another large show and many of the people that worked hard on this show were the same people who have worked on the last few shows. They deserve a special thanks for their work.
This year's judges also deserve thanks. They were: Kenneth Gambrill, Sumner WA; Mrs. Ralph Jacobsen, Seattle; Mrs. James Madison, Bellevue, WA; Mrs. Brian Mulligan, Kirkland, WA; Dr. Robert Rhodes, Vancouver, B.C.; Howard Slonecker, Milwaukee, OR; E. White Smith, Tacoma, WA; Theodore Van Veen, Portland, OR; and Robert Whalley, Kent, WA.