QBARS - v31n2 Explorations Approved

Explorations Approved

At the recent meeting of the Agricultural Research Service Plant Germplasm Coordinating Committee held in Kansas City, Mo. on October 19-20, 1976; there was approved for the Northeast Region domestic exploration proposal No. 18: "The collection of native rhododendrons and azaleas of the Eastern U.S. having potential for survival in the north". This proposal will be supported for a period of three consecutive years at the rate of $2000 per year beginning in fiscal year 1978. The writer and chief proposer of this exploration is Dr. Norman E. Pellett, Ornamental Horticulturist, Department of Plant & Soil Science, Hills Building, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Anyone at a State Experiment Station in the Northeast wishing to cooperate in the collection and evaluation of these native plants, kindly contact Dr. Pellett.