QBARS - v31n2 Garden Tours 1977

Garden Tours - 1977
Arlene Haugen and Curtis Huey, Eugene, Oregon

Llarge R. calophytum in the Phetteplace garden
Hank Schannen and Warren Berg admire a large R. calophytum
in the Phetteplace garden which is to be visited by those attending
the 1977 annual meeting in Eugene.
Phetteplace photo.

Three garden tours are planned as a part of the May 12-15 ARS National Convention. These tours will allow the rhododendron enthusiast to visit a beautiful and formal public garden dedicated to rhododendrons, azaleas, and companion plants; a commercial nursery that contains one of the largest collection of rare and unusual species and hybrids in the Northwest; and a private garden in a woodland setting containing a rare combination of species and hybrids, many of which are of specimen size.
In the southeast hills of Eugene overlooking the city lies Hendricks Park. In this natural setting, approximately 10 acres have been planted to some 6,000 rhododendrons and azaleas. Companion plants indigenous to the Northwest complement the rhododendrons and azaleas, along with flowering cherries, crab apples, stewartias, and magnolias. Many prize specimens have been donated by local rhododendron pioneers. Sections of the garden have been named in honor of Dr. Royal Gick, Mr. B.S. Cole, and Mr. Del James, all early members of the Eugene Chapter.
Recently, Mrs. George Hitchcock and Mrs. James have undertaken a project to "fill in" plant losses from the 1972 freeze and to add new material through donations from rhododendron enthusiasts.
The Eugene Parks Department and the Eugene Rhododendron Chapter join with pride in making the rhododendron garden a show place and one of the beautiful gardens in this country.
Greer Gardens contains one of the largest collection of species and hybrids in the Pacific Northwest. Always on the lookout for new and unusual plants for his many customers, Harold Greer is continually adding to the Garden's collection. One will find many species, including a large collection of dwarfs, along with the newest hybrids. Located on five and one-half acres in northwest Eugene, the garden is the home of R. 'Trude Webster' S. P. A. and many other hybrids in the commercial trade.
On the South bank of the McKenzie River about 25 miles east of Eugene is the home of Dr. Carl and Edith Phetteplace. The woodland garden covers about two acres and contains many specimen plants, both species and hybrids.
Throughout the years, Dr. Phetteplace has collected the best forms of species. The garden contains plants from the Barto garden, from seed from the 1948 Rock Expedition in China, from England, Scotland, Germany and Japan, and from many sources in this country. One may also view some of Dr. Phetteplace's own hybrids. For the rhododendron enthusiast and collector, a visit to the Phetteplace garden is a must.