QBARS - v31n2 R. 'Trude Webster' S. P. A.

R. 'Trude Webster', S. P. A.
R Curtis Huey, Springfield, Oregon

R. 'Trude Webster' S. P. A.
R. 'Trude Webster' S. P. A.
Photo by Gossler Farms Nursery

There have been many fine hybrids developed in the Eugene area, as those attending the 1977 ARS National Convention in May will see. One hybrid that must be considered a superior rhododendron is 'Trude Webster'. The cross, 'Countess of Derby' selfed, was made by Harold Greer in the early 1950's and when it first bloomed, the observation was made that it looked like a rhododendron with a promising future. The passing of time has confirmed that 'Trude Webster' is, indeed, a rhododendron with a future. It has received the Superior Plant Award, the highest award given by the ARS and is flourishing in many gardens about the country.
'Trude Webster' has large, bright green foliage of strong substance. The plant will do well in full exposure but will be grown to perfection when planted in a location where filtered sun is received. 'This allows the pink flowers to open and develop to their huge size. It will make a large plant in time, so pick the proper location.
It roots easily from cuttings and buds young, providing it is not put in deep shade. Plants are best grown in soil containing a fair amount of humus material which encourages good root growth and should be allowed to branch on their own. 'Trude Webster' appears to be hardy to 0 degrees F and possibly even lower.