QBARS - v31n2 Review of RHS 1976 Yearbook

Book Review
Meldon Kraxberger, Portland, Oregon

Royal Horticultural Society

The Rhododendron Yearbook of the Royal Horticultural Society provides annually, to all of us stay-at-home gardeners, a glimpse of our cherished genus in England. There is something of interest to everyone in the 1976 issue. Included are accounts of several famous gardens in England with a couple of new angles - the restoration of one and the inevitable aging of plants in another; information on cuttings; more about the increasingly popular Malesian species; the names of plants and competitors that won the 1976 shows and competitions. There is an article on magnolias certain to create a desire for ownership in any rhododendron breast. There are several articles on camellias (why so neglected in northwest America?) in the same fashion as the rhododendron information: gardens, shows and competitions; and one still untangling the camellia nomenclature snarl. There is also the indispensable latest list of additions to the International Rhododendron Register. And, finally all in one place for easy reference, the list of camellias which have received the varying awards over the years.