QBARS - v31n2 Advantages of Affiliation for Non-Chapter Members


Non-Chapter members of the ARS may become members of a chapter simply by writing to the Executive Secretary and asking to be affiliated with that chapter. Proximity to the chapter or being able to attend chapter meetings is of no importance.
There are various benefits offered by individual chapters which vary from chapter to chapter. New York, California, Portland, Southern California, and Seattle have interesting newsletters which reach this desk and contain information beyond chapter activities.
Some of the larger chapters have seed exchanges or offer rhododendron books at special prices to their members. Some of the smaller chapters might be pleased to adopt a foreign member on a more personal basis and benefit from an exchange of information through correspondence.
Members may affiliate with more than one chapter by paying an additional $3.60 in dues to the executive Secretary for each additional chapter affiliation. They become associate members of those chapters.