QBARS - v31n3 Portland Chapter Bronze Medals

Portland Chapter Bronze Medals
S. Berthelsdorf, M.D., Portland, Oregon

The Committee on Citations and Awards named two of our outstanding, long-time members of the Portland Chapter as recipients of the Bronze Medal and Citation, on May 7, 1977. Both have made extensive contributions to this chapter as well as to the National Society.

Molly Grothaus receives Bronze Medal
Molly Grothaus receives Bronze Medal and citation
from Janet Binford, Portland Chapter President.
Photo by Frank Mossman

Molly Grothaus, a mainstay of the chapter for 20 years, has served as board member, secretary, and lecturer; and her reports of her observations of shrubs, land, and contacts with others with interests in rhododendrons have always been most interesting. As Editor of our Quarterly Bulletin, she has shown a good sense of organization, good judgment, and careful, accurate thinking.

Ed Parker Bronze Medal
Janet Binford, Portland Chapter President,
Presents Ed Parker with Bronze Medal and citation.
Photo by Frank Mossman

Edwin Parker in his many years with the Chapter has been a contributor to the Garden for years. He has been the contributor of the Henny trophy, and has an extensive collection of the Henny introductions. He has made and published the Rudolph Henny hybrid list, with an identification of their qualifications. He has contributed to our general knowledge of plants, and since about 1970 has taken over the assignment of Registrar for the American Rhododendron Society, with all its voluminous correspondence.