QBARS - v31n3 Francis Mosher Awarded Bronze Medal

Francis Mosher Awarded Bronze Medal

Francis Mosher Bronze Medal
Presidents of three chapter, who have benefited from Francis Mosher's
enthusiastic work on their behalf, assisted in the presentation of the
Bronze Medal to him.  From left to right, Hadley Osborn, California
Chapter President, Everett E. Farwell Jr., first president of the California
Chapter, Mrs. Francis Mosher, Francis Mosher; Robert George,
Monterey Bay Chapter President;  and Mrs. Marge Farwell, San Mateo
Chapter President.

This award is made in recognition of the truly outstanding service Mr. Mosher has performed for the California Chapter, for the American Rhododendron Society, and for all those interested in rhododendrons. As a founding member of this Chapter, as its first Vice President, as its current Treasurer, and as its most devoted worker for twenty-five years, Mr. Mosher has always served willingly, energetically, and with a unique buoyant spirit.
The American Rhododendron Society was formed to foster enthusiasm and knowledge about rhododendrons. No one could have worked more consistently or enthusiastically or with more goodwill than Francis has. It is a great privilege to present on this day of March 17, 1977, this medal and citation to Francis W. Mosher Jr.