QBARS - v31n3 Will the Real Elizabeth Titcomb Please Stand Up?

Will The Real 'Elizabeth Titcomb' Please Stand Up
by Marge Farwell, Woodside, California

Upon reviewing the April 1958 Quarterly I find that H. L. Larson grew three seedlings from the cross 'Marinus Koster' x 'Snow Queen'. All three received a P. A. (Vol. 12 #41958) 'Diane Titcomb', 'Elizabeth Titcomb" and 'Julie Titcomb'.
My concern is with 'Elizabeth Titcomb'. The 1961 year book lists it as white, the 1967 year book lists it as pink with a darker margin. Upon examination of several assorted rhododendron catalogs a few list 'Elizabeth Titcomb' as white but the majority list it as pink with a darker margin. If I were to grow on a plant of 'Elizabeth Titcomb' to blooming size (marvelous foliage and it will take full sun) can I expect a white or a pink flower?
Most of the hybrids endorsed by the ARS are fairly consistent, but to me 'Elizabeth Titcomb' poses a problem. I do hope to hear from someone who knows why this rhododendron is listed as white and also as pink - and which is correct.
The query from Marge Farwell about the differences in color between the three "Titcombs" brought this reply from our registrar Ed Parker:  "Since there seem to be discrepancies in the published and catalog descriptions of H. L. Larson's "Titcomb" plants, upon inquiry he writes: " 'Diane Titcomb' is white with a distinct pink margin. 'Elizabeth Titcomb' is white with a red style and 'Julie Titcomb' is all pink."