QBARS - v31n3 Robin Overstreet MD, 1906-1976

Robin Overstreet M.D., 1906-1976
Carl Phetteplace, M.D., Eugene, Oregon

Robin Overstreet
Robin Overstreet, M.D.

When Robin Overstreet came to Eugene with his young bride Laura in 1938, he was the first physician to practice there with what is now considered the formal training to qualify as a specialist in his field. He had spent two years after his internship as a resident in Pediatrics in the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
Dr. Overstreet was a remarkable man with many talents. Though rapidly becoming very busy in his profession he always found time to be involved in matters of service. In addition to being a leader in medical and community affairs, he was a near expert in other fields.
Gardening was his most basic and long-lasting hobby. Not only was he very active in the ARS, but he had a sharp interest and knowledge of a wide variety of other plants. His photography was of professional quality. He wrote articles and presented rhododendron programs containing microscopic photographic studies of plant structures and of the insects and pests affecting them. He was an ardent bonsai enthusiast and was searching in the wilds for bonsai material when he died.
Dr. Overstreet was a generous, kind, modest and gentle person who through life was motivated more to giving than getting. The world could well do with many more people like him and is indeed poorer because of his loss.