QBARS - v31n4 Seed Exchange Changes

Seed Exchange Changes
Esther Berry, Aberdeen, Washington

Our 1978 Seed Exchange program will be under the direction of a new chairman. We are fortunate that Kathleen Ogle, of Seattle, has agreed to undertake this task. Mrs. Ogle is an active member of the Arboretum Rhododendron Study Group in Seattle.
This is a major commitment and we must all do everything possible to assist her in taking over this new responsibility. Obviously, the most pressing need of a seed director is an adequate supply of seed. I urge each of you to make a special effort to contribute any seed of value that is available to you. I should point out once more that the demand for hand pollinated seed from selected forms of the species, has always exceeded our supplies. Secondly, there is a continuing need for second generation hybrid crosses of R. yakushimanum. Lastly, a reminder; we do not list open pollinated hybrids.
I shall always be grateful to the Society for its support and cooperation thru the years that I have served in this post and I leave it with some reluctance. I will continue to be involved in the program and I will support it in any way possible.
For the information of new members, the seed list is sent to all members, without request, about mid February. All seed contributions should be sent to the new chairman, Mrs. John A. Ogle, Mercer Island, WA.